Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Genetic Dice

Thumb sucker or blanket chewer? Which one will Claire become? That’s the wager of the week at our house. The third bet is neither. However, given the fact that I sucked my thumb until age five and my husband had his blanket companion until he was six, odds are that Claire will be equally orally-fixated and carry on one of these two traditions. I can’t say that these habits are the traits that I would like to pass on to Claire if I had a choice. And therein lies the rub. I wish that I could pick and choose what Claire inherits from me and what she gets from her dad. It's hard to think we may be saddling her with any of our bad genetic lot in life. There’s George’s bad back, my short temper… geez, my family’s predisposition towards cancer. I don’t like that phrase “It’s genetic." It is rarely preceded or followed by anything good. I’m displaying my pessimistic nature in this blog. My husband’s equivalent is worry. But George is also kind and sweet. I'll bet money that Claire will be too.

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