Monday, September 5, 2011

Missing it...

Claire laughed for the first time yesterday. I missed it. I had just handed her off to a babysitter and walked away. George was a few beats behind me and so he shared in Claire’s moment. His good fortune gave me the opportunity to spend the first part of a rare trip without her asking him to relive the event for me.

He countered with reassurance that she will laugh again. I wasn’t having any of that small consolation. In fact, I was being punished for leaving a tiny, innocent creature in the arms of a stranger. An exaggeration, for sure -- It’s more likely that I will miss something she does than she will miss me.

According to the babysitter’s report, Claire laughed more after we left. All of the sudden, George flipped into my camp. He spent the rest of the night trying to stir an utterance of amusement from her. It didn’t work. I didn’t bother reassuring him that she would laugh again.

Oh, and the babysitter said she had a hard time getting Claire to sleep. She thought Claire probably wanted mama. Evidently, she does miss me. We need each other.

I also need a babysitter to remind me of this truth every now and then

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  1. Rachel my friend! Visiting from TALU today and I'm so glad I did as I missed this post. First, I'm really proud of you for even getting a babysitter when Claire was younger. We never did and now I find it harder and harder to do. And we really need to.
    Bummer that you missed the first laugh. I'll bet you've heard tons more by now though :)

  2. Isn't that awful? I used to be on the flip side while watching someone else's kids. When one of the babies did something that was "new" while with me, I would be afraid to mention it, not wanting the parents to have felt they missed it. That way, we all got to experience the "first" ... or so they still think. ;)


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