Friday, September 28, 2012

Having a Child is Like Eating Oreos

Coloring time starts off sweet and yummy...

Claire walks to the easel and says, “chi-choo”, her delicious word for crayons. She hands the purple to me and says, “Lo” (translation: “Mommy, will you please draw Lloyd, our cat, for me?”) 

I’m so in love with her right now. I’m so happy to oblige.

But, after I’ve drawn Lloyd the cat a hundred times in a row, I’ve had way too many cookies. Just like Oreos, it’s possible to have too much.

Mother/Daughter Collaboration

George, on the other hand, is on a diet, a strict regime. He’ll text me near the end of a long rehearsal: “I’m hurrying home. Is she asleep yet?” He’s dying for his sugar fix of Claire. When I reply, “Great. Hurry back”, I’m happy father and daughter will be reunited once again, happier still that I will soon hand Claire off to her devoted daddy. 

Then, he can draw Lloyd the cat for her. I’m just jealous that she’ll be off to bed, before he’s had his fill.

Unlike me, he rarely seems to fill up on Claire -- something else to compound my ever-present terror about measuring up as a mom.  But George’s perspective comes with downsides too. The number of firsts he misses frequently frustrates him. He’s also surrendered himself to the fact that mama is number one right now.

When jealously gets the best of him, I’m quick to point out that there’s still plenty of time for Claire to hate her mother.


  1. Yes, same situation here. But a couple hours after putting him to bed, I usually miss him. Usually....

    1. Yes! I've had the utterly, certifiably crazy urge to wake her up sometimes.

  2. Awesome post, although I'm not sure I agree with you that there is such thing as too many Oreos. I'm pretty sure I could devour an entire box. Which is why I don't keep them in the house...I can totally relate to your experience in terms of the mom/dad thing. My husband says he's jealous that I just get to play with our daughter all day. While I'm fortunate to be able to stay home with her, I wouldn't exactly call it a walk in the park!

  3. So that's why so many people hire nanny's ... to take the bag of oreos from them when they're on the verge of one too many. ;) [#TALU]

  4. When kids are small, they want 100% of us. As adults, we tend to give attention in smaller bites, engaging and disengaging. I needed naptime just to have a few minutes to recharge and get ready. There is nothing quite like that close-up love of a child, however--the way they put their hands on your face, and hold your hand. Now that my son is a teen, I'd love to have one hour with the little guy that he was to feel that all over again. #TALU

  5. Insecurity and over-exposure are part of Mommyland. It is a wonder that something so fun/important can be so taxing - physically and mentally. A new life lesson! TALU

  6. so glad to find another geriatric mom in the blogosphere. TALU right back at cha!


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