Saturday, October 27, 2012

Young Frankenstein

I spend way too much time pondering this toy: 

It’s a bug on human legs, two very long human legs, wearing very long circus pants. 
A triangle hole is the void where its private parts should be. A half bug/half man creature that has been castrated by its maker.

It came as part of a musical set. The rest of the instruments are normal enough.

Why does the bug stand out so from the others? Who made it and was his or her inspiration Mary Shelley? 

I wonder what it must be like to work for the toy maker. I imagine a place like Willy Wonka. 

Or an office in which 95% of the personnel would fail a drug test (I'm referring to a different kind of "doping"). 

The toy would definitely make more sense to me if I weren't so sober.


  1. That toy is, um, bizarre?
    I feel like being super sleep-deprived puts you in the same category (sorta) as high, so we really should be able to understand it anyway.

    1. The sleep deprivation is actually making this toy more frightening to me!

  2. weird that it has that triangle "down there"?! I think I would be hesitant to let my daughter play with this

    1. Ha! I'm glad someone else finds the humor in this toy, as well!

  3. heehe we have that toy - he's circus belly dancing bug ;)

    xx m

  4. Yep that is odd...

    We have a rattle that we've been arguing over for years... "It's a bug." "No it's a donkey." "No it's a fish!".... it's just damn confused, just like yours!

  5. Hi,there!! All I'm going to say is How Bizarre!! Found you from the GFC Hop, am now GFC following you :)


  6. There are some very weird toys out there.


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