Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Child's Enthusiasm

Claire punctuates the silence of the parking lot with a repeated, “Yay…Yay…Yay…”

I think, “I could’ve easily done the walk to the car without the yelling. Too early for this..."

But I tolerate the noise. Noise is a part of a toddler’s job, just as patience is part of a mom's. I watch, as she experiments with her voice bouncing off the concrete jungle that surrounds us.

Several car lengths ahead, a man in a tie puts on his jacket and grabs his briefcase from his trunk. I imagine he's a warrior suiting up for corporate battle, like a modern-day knight.

He closes the trunk, turns to us and says, “Someone’s happy today!”

“Ha,” I laugh. Sometimes, I think I need a little more coffee to be as happy as my daughter.”

He laughs too, “It’s hard to stay that enthusiastic, isn’t it?

“Yes,” I reply. “There’s something to be said for acting like a kid more often.”

He's ahead of us, walking towards the exit. He adds over his shoulder...

“Never lose the ‘Yay’."

“Huh!” I say. “Never lose the ‘Yay'...I’m gonna remember that one…”

“Me too!” he says, pausing a beat before he heads out the door.

Hand in hand through the parking lot, I join in with Claire, “Yay…Yay…Yay…”

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Photo Source: Happy_Serenity, Flickr

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  1. This is seriously so sweet. :)

  2. Never lose the "Yay". Good advice! :-)

  3. I love "Never lose the Yay" and I love when stranger conversations about my kid go well. Yay-yay

  4. There are too many days when I feel like I've lost the yay. Thank you so much for the reminder. Never ever ever lose the yay....

  5. Totally been there wishing to have more of their energy and spunk, but you are right we definitely need more of the "Yay" for sure!! :)

  6. Also? THANK YOU for the feature. Mwah :)

  7. Love it, I lost the yay for a while but I have found little glimpses of it here or there!!

  8. I really like this, Rachel. Great anecdote that captures the wonder of childhood and how to recapture a bit of that magic. Long live the Yay!

  9. Never lose the yay - love it! Definitely have to remember this more often.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  10. This was a lovely post (and great illustration, BTW). My mom and I once had a laughing fit in the back seat of a Parisian taxi and the driver said the same thing. Well, almost. I don't really speak French anymore but it was something like "tojours avec le rire" or "sourire" always with a laugh. Which meant never the lose the yay. I lose it more often than I find it and I'm so glad you've reminded me about that episode and about the importance of focusing on the positive. Ramble over.

  11. When I read the description of that man, I was expecting a very different interaction between you two! But those were some wonderful words of wisdom. Never lose the 'Yay!' - I am going to remember this one too. Sorry, I am a bit late to this linky party.


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