Thursday, August 4, 2011

Code Name: One-Handed Mama.

[Underscore: Theme from Mission: Impossible.]

NYC - 1:30AM

A stirring, a whimper…infiltrates my sleep. I shake myself awake. Quick, grab a binky; there’s little time before it becomes full wail. I fumble through the night for her mouth and listen for the sucking sound. Done; time to adjust to the darkness and assess current conditions. Situation uncovered – Claire has broken out of her swaddle. Suddenly, her right arm juts straight out of the swaddle over her head. Previous recon suggests that this stretch is a wake up move. Split second decision: let go of the binky and risk its release to the mattress or readjust the swaddle? No time to think. One hand holds the bink, while the other works to stop the stretch. I lower her arm to her side. The swaddle is readjusted around her. She settles in to binking. Mission accomplished. Night waking averted. The swaddle, though... It’s a makeshift job with one hand. “Will it hold ‘til morning?” I wonder, as we both drift off to sleep.

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