Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

“Our anniversary’s coming up,” George says. “First was paper. What’s second?”

“Poop,” I say cheekily.

George laughs.

“It’s cotton…Seriously, can we skip the gifts this year?” I say, daunted by the thought of coming up with a decent gift made of cotton.

George jokes, “Get me a pack of tube socks from Apu.” (Apu is the nice man who sells socks outside the corner deli.)

“I’ll take a few more nursing bras,” I laugh.

“Ah, the bloom is off the rose,” George says with a flourish.

“Really, Claire is our gift this year,” I say wistfully.

“She’s not made of cotton,” George says.

“She makes a lot of poop. Let’s stick with poop,” I say.

“The bloom is truly off the rose…”


  1. We haven't followed any traditional or modern gift giving. oops. But we have had lots of poop in the past 2 years....

  2. We are doing the gifts like that too! It helps keep it fun and fresh (and affordable). This year is year three- leather- maybe I'll get a purse, but more likely a leather smelling candle.


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