Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've been tagged and it's catching!

Being tagged by another blogger usually reminds me of chain letters and/or virus transmission, so I have a tendency not to participate. But I love the holiday season and Alicia at One Mother Hen. She tagged me to list five Christmas wishes and pass the honor/germs to five other fine bloggers. In the spirit of Christmas and/or economy, I'm going to do them both at the same time.

Santa, baby, put these presents under my tree:

1) A bowl of tiger soup. Not really; I'm a vegetarian. What I'd really like for Christmas is a brain that works like Sarah at Sadder but Wiser. She posted this picture, which is nothing less than diabolically inspired.

tigers in a bath

2) Some face time with Deb at Urban Moo Cow, because we've decided we are the same person (except that she runs marathons and I run on Dunkin'). Two words: Mom Clogs.

mom clogs

3) A button on my laptop that delivers an electric shock to anyone who follows then unfollows me on twitter. I'd like to give one to Lisa at Life Happens Then Write too, because she has her share of problems with social media as well.

dislike button

4) A marriage like Marcia at Menopausal Mother. Actually, I'm fine with my marriage. I'd really like some of their buttered rum and the antics that follow (no have to visit to her site to see the full majesty of the season).

5) The true spirit of Christmas that I find present every day in the photos on Rachel's blog, Finding Joy.

hands playing piano

So…Sadder But Wiser, Urban Moo Cow, Life Happens Then Write, Menopausal Mother and Finding Joy, you've been:

                                                      TAGGED FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

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  1. Awesome Rachel! Very cleverly done :)

  2. Thank you so much for including me in the fun--I could DEFINITELY work with this. Question---does it matter when I post it? I already have several posts lined up for this month, and was thinking maybe I could post this one around Dec.21-23? Would that be all right?

    1. Sure! Don't's supposed to be fun :)

  3. Awesome! I'll post it next week! ;-D Thanks for tagging me-it will be FUN!

  4. This is brilliant!! I LOVE the cream of tiger soup photo lol.

    1. Yes, hats off to the lady who commented above you!

  5. I would die to have a dislike button! That would be epic!


  6. Fun! I guess I can't tag you back, but, seriously, one of our 2013 goals should be to meet in person. :)

    As long as I am completely up in the middle of the night, I might as well write a post!

    1. Go 2013! Sounds good. Can't wait to read your post!


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