Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birth Record

moment of birth
Reposting today, because I watched the video again and felt sentimental.

I watched our birth video today for the first time. I had to get up the courage beforehand. I had a pretty crunchy birth – midwife, birthing center, no drugs whatsoever -- but I was never one to want a record of the whole scene.

I was pretty sure that I didn’t want the clinical perspective - a blow by blow, so to speak. I figured her birth would be better left filtered through the gauze of time and the haze of memory.

Then, while we were in the final stages of labor, George asked me and I changed my mind. At the time, I wasn’t really sure why. I guess you could say that I was a tad preoccupied, so it just didn’t seem to matter.

Actually, I think that’s the point. The only thing that mattered was getting her into the world safely. I didn’t care if someone was videotaping. The President could have walked in the room, and I wouldn’t have been bothered.

As I was watching the video today, I seemed to have this same focus. The gory details (and there were some) and the bits of my anatomy revealed seemed secondary to watching her come into the world for the first time.

I never really understood how people could describe the birth of a child as beautiful, given the pain and gore. Well, I found it stunningly beautiful. I stand corrected.

I swore I wouldn't give advice on this blog but, if you are having a child, videotape the birth. If you decide you don’t want to watch it, you don’t have to. You can always just delete it.

Or you may surprise yourself. I didn’t think I wanted to watch it either. I’m really glad I did.

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  1. I am totally not sure why we didn't videotape at least with Emma, because I know my husband had the video camera with us. And until your post, I have to admit I had forgotten that or at least just put that to the side for the awhile. But no videos, but tons of pictures as both was being born. I truly will never forget both those moments though and so true about it being the beautiful thing.

  2. I think that's another thing that it just depends on the person. I know a lot of people who taped the moments leading up to and the birth itself and are so glad they did. I didn't videotape nor did I want to. This is because I REALLY, REALLY didn't want anyone or myself even wanting to see what was going on down there. I did make sure there were plenty of pictures taken of my darling little babies when they were brand spanking new, though!

  3. Yeah. I had a homebirth - and I remember every single second of each one of my births. I am just not convinced I want to see it, know what I mean?

    With that said, I totally 100% respect your opinion, or that of any other woman. If they want to videotape the birth - so be it!

    I did think about hiring a professional photographer. I almost did, but decided I wanted it to be an intimate moment. I didn't need midwives, a doula, a photographer all around me in my bedroom.

  4. I didn't video my birth but I do remember a lot of it ... even though I was drugged and had a minor incident of um, forgetting to breathe while pushing ... oops!
    I am glad that you have a physical reminder of how amazing it was even when you didn't think it was initially.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. We did not video the birth of our child. I wish that I had. I did it natural so I remember it 7 years later. I feel so happy that I chose natural childbirth.

  6. So sweet. I teared up. I don't think I would ever video tape the birth; sort of my personal nightmare. But I completely understand the desire and the advice! I think I felt the same way about videotaping our wedding ceremony. I didn't want cameras in my face, but at the time, I didn't even notice, and now we have a very sweet video tape of our friend marrying us on the beach. Thanks for my cry-of-the-day. xo

  7. Just wanted to comment on the beautiful picture ... she looks so alert if not a tad tired. We know how exhausted we are after giving birth but this picture brings home the point the baby doesn't have it easy either. :)

  8. Oh, so sweet! I had anticipated having a "crunchy" birth too. My doula was wonderful, and I was prepared for something very different than what happened (an emergency c-section). We didn't record it. But I wish I had a recording of that part in your picture: when your baby is first in your arms.

  9. Awww..... I still wish we could have taped ours... They wouldn't allow it though with a c-section. So sweet! So happy you were able to and get to watch it it whenever you want!

    Marine Wife Mommy & Life

  10. I had some beautiful births...and some not so beautiful. beautiful is better!! we recorded our 2nd and I only watched it one time.

  11. I wish I had recorded mine now!

  12. I sure wish I had recorded mine. I'd love to see what me giving birth looks like. P.S. Loved your comment about the President. I was oblivious to the world when I was in labor!

  13. I'm really glad that my girls were born before the decision became one to make. I'm not sure how my wife would have felt about being filmed, or watching the efforts again. You bring a new outlook as to its meaning, for sure! Great job!

  14. I was lucky enough to see my best friend give birth to two of her babies. And it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm getting all teared up just remembering it. I wish I'd have recorded mine. I don't know why I didn't - I think I just didn't think about it. Awesome post, Rachel.

  15. I didn't record any of mine. I don't know... maybe I should have.

  16. Sweet. We only have a few photos of Summer's birth, and I'm so very glad the doula was sly and got them when I wasn't even aware of it. So glad you were able to capture it all on film.

  17. Great post - it's such a precious thing to be held on to, Alice

  18. Such a touching post... Recording was not an option with any of my deliveries :( I don't know if I envy that moment or not.
    Following from the TGIF Blog Hop. Hope you have a great evening!


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